Sunday, June 24, 2007

Angolul kell ecsetelnem a kovetkezoket, mert az ami tortenik velem olyan helyzetben tortenik, ami szoros osszefuggesben van ezzel a nyelvel. Szoval: erzekeltetek.

How to get nothing done?
Here’s a great way to get really stuck. Ask around a lot. Ask friends. Especially ask your co-workers: What do you think about my dream of being a famous guitarist?
I’m self taught and I’m a free spirit designer who likes to break the mold with vector designs and to create new and exciting designs, so I think I really can be a pro gutarist. I'm writing songs for 5 years now.... blablabla

The reason you want to do this is because most people don’t take chances. And most of them don’t want you to take a chance because then it will make them have to re-think their life choices. And man, that’d be a drag. If someone were to succeed when they tried something different, then that would mean that all these old beliefs and superhighways of negativity that people have constructed in their brains might not be the truth.

Well? Guess what? They’re not. Secretly everyone knows this, but the big conspiracy is to act like they don’t. So, ask for permission to try something different. Ask for permission to take action towards creating a life you love. Be careful though — there might be a few folks in your life that’ll give it to you! (Hint: These are the ones who laugh a lot.)

Breathe deep: Dandelion Wishes.

Try this: Schedule a visit to swimm in the ocean before your work day begins. Set your alarm for 10am. When the alarm goes off, ask yourself the following: “Do I feel like getting out of my flannel sheets?Do I feel like ...blablabla
What do you think your answer will be? Of course you won’t feel like it. You feel like flannel!
Here’s a secret: As long as you ask yourself if you feel like it, you won’t ever feel like it. So, keep asking yourself if you feel like it.

Do I really need to say anything more about this one?

So there you have them. Go forth and, well…just stand there.

(ometimes, satire and sarcasm are absolutely THE best way to express frustration around issues like this, and I could not have said it better.)

Christine Kane

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