Wednesday, October 14, 2009

About luck or chances or probability…
This is how it looks like in the ordinary world:
Imagine that there is a diamond box, which one is very hard to open. There is a glove in it, and if you would like to know it is right or left handed, all you need to do is open the box, and you will learn what nature already knows: right or left handed. There is a 50-50% chance for each possibility.
The whole physic is based on this true since the first man on earth got into thinking about physic. Einstein relativity theory is based on this ordinary true too.
This is how it looks in these days in atomic level:
Imagine that there is a diamond box, which one is very hard to open. Before we open this box we know there is a 50-50% chance if the glove is right handed or left handed. But not only we don’t know what’s in the box: Nature itself does not know either. In fact, in a way the glove itself does not even exist when the box is closed. It is in some sort of ghostly state and not just only between being left or right handed but even in existence. It is only when we open the box (in quantum mechanics they actually carefully measure this “imaginary box” before and after) this glove becomes one or the other. If we open this box, we force nature to make a decision.
In a quantum world it’s not that simple: to be or not to be, because nature hasn’t made up its mind until the box is open. Even if you have 2 possibilities: left or right, the chances are absolutely not 50-50%, because of the complete uncertainty of the universe in atomic level.
What if you have 2 diamond boxes? If you open one and force nature to make a decision, the glove in the other box becomes an opposite of the one in the open box and we know this without opening the box, because we know 1 thing for sure: they exist in pairs. Can these imaginary quantum gloves communicate to each other? So if it is true and they can communicate to each other and compare to the relativity theory: nothing goes faster than the light, that means to transfer any message between these gloves needs time even if time is relative to each glove. What if we open these boxes in exactly the same time then it wouldn’t be no time to the message to travel. But actually the reality is: even in this case if you open the boxes in the same time and far away from each other, they become a pair of each other. Compare to the relativity theory, it is just not possible.
So this experiment is become a paradox (so called EPR experiment) Most physicists regard the EPR paradox as an illustration of how quantum mechanics violates relativity theory. Most physicist believe there has to be a connection between relativity and quantum mechanics because they are not complete without each other.
The quantum mechanics stats: there is an absolute limit what we could know about nature in atomic level, and nature itself has a same kind of limit about itself in the atomic level too. It stats: the universe is run on chance, and nothing is certain.


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