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keljfeljancsi nelogasdalabad paprikabol azorrodaszajad aszivedaszarnyad paprikaszarnyak emelnenekemelnenek ha tud na nak
nem hiszem, hogy az eletem ertelme az lenne, hogy a jobb labam alszik a bal meg utemet dobol a padlon. Kivancsi vagyok mirol almodik az alvo jobblabam. Lehet az, hogy forradalomrol almodik? Valtozasrol ami kihat a ballra is?
Angolul kell ecsetelnem a kovetkezoket, mert az ami tortenik velem olyan helyzetben tortenik, ami szoros osszefuggesben van ezzel a nyelvel. Szoval: erzekeltetek.

How to get nothing done?
Here’s a great way to get really stuck. Ask around a lot. Ask friends. Especially ask your co-workers: What do you think about my dream of being a famous guitarist?
I’m self taught and I’m a free spirit designer who likes to break the mold with vector designs and to create new and exciting designs, so I think I really can be a pro gutarist. I'm writing songs for 5 years now.... blablabla

The reason you want to do this is because most people don’t take chances. And most of them don’t want you to take a chance because then it will make them have to re-think their life choices. And man, that’d be a drag. If someone were to succeed when they tried something different, then that would mean that all these old beliefs and superhighways of negativity that people have constructed in their brains might not be …
We’ve all done it. We’ve set a goal for ourselves and simply failed to reach it. Sometimes we don’t even get close. What happens after that?

Azert irom angolul, mert angolul mondtam kudarcot. S most folytatom magyarul. S kerdezem magyarul: hogyan tovabb?

picture by --g--
Egyik szememmel latok jol. A masik olyan furcsa, s mivel a masik fura ezert e kettoslatasomban elhajlik a ter. Szorvanyos lepeshibaim teljesen tev terekbe dobnak. Ha tudok, visszadobbanok. Visszakacsazom. Onnan tudom ha a ter gorbul, hogy rahajlok a terigenyre...
"A Note From Nanny Vonnegut
Dear Fans of my Dad,

Over the years you have given my father the gift of unconditional love in return for all the great joy he clearly brought to you through his writing and his art. For that gift, the greatest one there is, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I am so sorry for your loss as well as mine.

Nanny Vonnegut
June 1, 2007"